Proud to be endorsed by LGBT Labour

Freedom of movement across the EU is one of the core principles of the Union. The ability to live, work and settle in any Member State is a freedom that many will want, at some point in their lives, to take advantage of.

A woman and man who are married anywhere in the world generally have the right to reside in any Member State if one of them is an EU citizen, subject to Member States’ own rules on the nationality of a spouse. Yet despite the fact that same-sex unions and marriages are available in many EU Member States their recognition is not applicable across the EU in the same way that opposite-sex marriages are.

That there exists such a fundamental discrimination at the heart of a basic principle of the EU is something that I will fight hard against. There can be no true equality as a citizen of the EU if your marriage or union is not legally valid across all 27 (soon to be 28) Member States.

As an out LGBT candidate I am extremely proud to have received the endorsement of LGBT Labour. The EU can do a lot to remove the prejudices that exist across Europe when it comes to access to services and anti-discrimination legislation. I would be proud to promote this work and to put it at the core of the work I would do as an MEP to promote equality.

Of course there is so much more to do. Not only do existing same-sex marriages and civil unions need to be recognised across the EU but more Member States – indeed every Member State – need to have laws in place allowing LGBT people the right to the same recognition as heterosexual married couples.

All candidates were asked by LGBT Labour to submit their responses to a questionnaire on LGBT issues. You can read my responses here.